Ana Rivera
Ana Rivera's Fundraiser

No child should feel left out or lost. I hope my contribution well make the world a brighter and better place for children with and without disabilities!

Join me and help make a difference!

$0 towards $4,000

Let's make some good news happen...and change the world!

With your help, it's possible. As a news reporter, I see the sadness and hurt in our world. But the National Inclusion Project proves there are good people who want to make a difference. And with your help, we can it make it possible for ALL children to learn, laugh and play together.

Here's what's happening: Over the next two months I will be learning a dance from a professional dancer at Fred Astaire Dance Studios and on April 18th, we will perform it live at the Southern Women's Show. Between now and then, I am collecting donations to benefit National Inclusion Project. Each $1 donated = 1 vote. Whoever has the most "votes" by the end of the performance on April 18, wins the competition!

Look...I'm a competitive person and this is all for a good cause so I REALLY want to win but I can't do it without you! Please consider making a donation to help me reach my $4,000 goal. Any amount helps and gets me one step (get it?) closer to winning Dancing Like the Stars.

Thank you for your support,

Ana Rivera, ABC11

P.S. Come cheer us on at the main event on April 18 at the Southern Women's Show.