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I'm Facing a Fear to support inclusion

Will you help me face my fear?

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I'm pretty certain that most people who know me DO NOT know this, but I've always thought that it would be fun to be a writer. And I'm not talking about last month's strongly worded email to my cable company, but something that exposes creativity and creates vulnerability in the author....Problem is, that's way outside my comfort zone and I fear sharing something I've written and people thinking it stinks.

That said, I've decided to Face my Fear and am willing share some of my writing to raise money for the National Inclusion Project (NIP).

* Details: If I can raise $1000 for NIP, I will share some of my own creative writing with everyone who donates any amount big or small.

Why am I doing this? NIP works with recreational programs across the country to ensure that children with disabilities don't have to fear that they will be left out of activities or miss an opportunity to make friends. NIP partner programs help children all over the country face their fears every day, so it's time for me to step up and do the same.