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I'm conquering my fears in support of National Inclusion Project and I need YOUR help!

Will you help me raise money for inclusion?

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$250 towards $250

Not many folks know this about me. For as long as I can remember, I've struggled with social anxiety. As a kid, I was always eager to accept play date invites from friends. But, the thought of extending my own invitation was enough to put me in a full on tailspin. What if I arrange a get-together and no one shows up? What if there's something wrong with me and no one wants to be my friend? To this day, it takes a bit more courage than I'd like to admit to get out of my comfort zone and initiate social plans.

That's why I'm participating in National Inclusion Project's Face Your Fears Challenge. For the last 15 years, National Inclusion Project has been helping kids with and without disabilities learn, laugh and play TOGETHER. I'm proud to be a member of NIP's Board of Directors, and to actively create a world where making new friends doesn't have to be quite so scary. :)

Donate now to help me reach my $250 goal! If I reach my goal, I'll face my fear by hosting a get together with a group of new friends.